The Beginner’s Guide, new games from Stanley Parable dev

All games can be tried to claim to be the weirdest game ever created, which is usually rooted in the theme of their stretcher. Playing games as a goat or a stone? Or ask you to take a unique mission to insert a joke here and there? But for gamers who had tasted Stanley Parable on PC, almost no one can subdue the unique sensations offered by the "game" on this one. There is no choice, no action, you just walk from one point to the next. It gives you the psychologically effect, especially in the middle of a one-way conversation with the narrator continues to nag comment on every step you take. And now, the genius behind Stanley Parable comes with a new project!

Surprising course! Because Davey Wreden suddenly introduce the newest game that he called "The Beginner's Guide". Cool again? The game will be released on October 1, 2015 who lives counting the hours, despite the fact that its existence became known only today. So what is The Beginner's Guide? Of the brain that creates Stanley Parable, you can anticipate the presence of a curiously the same project. Or even more strange.

Trailer premiere were released on Youtube shows the structure of a game that is different from the concept of video gaming as we know it. You will be presented with a folder containing a myriad of mini-games in it, which looks like an unfinished game projects. There are simply asking you tidy up the bed, the other containing a tree that grows on land that float, while others look like a nightmare. The point is to ask your own experiment and feel yourself what is actually happening in the brains of the creator of all content of this folder. What is his motivation? Who is he? What was he thinking? There is no ending, no definite story.

The Beginner's Guide itself will be launched for PC and Mac, with a price range of about $ 10.