Final Fantasy V has been released for steam

Final Fantasy V had become one of the successful title ever present on the Super Famicom. When first released in 1992, it was recorded the game is successfully sold about 2 million copies in the first month only in Japan alone. Once present on the Super Famicom, respectively, of the famous game with its innovative job system finally stopping at various other platforms, ranging from the PS One (1998), GBA (2006), up to iOS and Android (2013).

Well this month, the platform of Final Fantasy V will be more "complete", in which Square Enix has confirmed that the game will be present also in the PC via Steam!

Final Fantasy V PC has been released on September 24, 2015. The PC version is not just a port of the Super Famicom version or GBA, because Square Enix promises better graphics and controls that are more comfortable for the PC. Moreover, four additional Jobs appearing in version GBA (Gladiator, Cannoneer, Oracle and Necromancer) will also be presented in its PC version to customize the four main characters of this game, among others Bartz with chocobo , Princess Lenna, Galuf and Faris.

In addition, there are some improvisation given in this PC version, among others:

    Kazuko Shibuya, the veteran character designer of this game back to redrawing the characters and graphics so it is more beautiful than the GBA version.
    Improvisation at its ATB battle system.
    All 26 jobs that are present in its GBA version (including 4 additional jobs that do not exist in the initial version) you can play.
    The Sealed Temple, additional dungeons that appears in the GBA version you can explore.
    Tetsuya Nomura big fan? Prepare to meet Enuo, the figure of additional boss (optional) opponent in this series .
    Like the other Steam games, some Steam Trading Cards and achievement you can collect.

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