Azure Striker Gunvolt is confirmed for Steam

Azure Striker Gunvolt, or also known as the Armed Blue Gunvolt in Japan, the game 2D side-scrolling platformer that inherits the soul of Rockman series. Inti Creates develop for the Nintendo 3DS, and was released digitally via the eShop August 10, 2014. In addition to the gameplay which is reminiscent of Mega Man Zero, Azure Striker Gunvolt also have a trademark, such as the ability to tag Gunvolt enemy and target as many enemies at once. Latest news, after one year of existence for the handheld, Inti Creates confirming its Windows PC version last weekend.

Azure Striker Gunvolt released for Windows PC through Steam from 28 August, and sold at a price of US $ 14.99. Then Inti Creates held a promotion a month, you who buy the games via Steam on 28 September will get also a copy of the spin-off game, Mighty Gunvolt (which get two extra characters, Beck of Mighty No. 9, and Ekoro of Gal * Gun). For its PC version also get additional features, such as speedrun mode, voice characters in the Japanese language, and also eight language options. You can also play using two screens like the 3DS version

Such as Rockman / Mega Man serial , the whole action of Azure Striker Gunvolt shown from the side. You control Gunvolt, whose movements such as Rockman, jumping, running, and shoot using a special bullet, which could mark / to tag the target. And to mark the enemy, they will also be exposed to attacks of Gunvolt electric field. Action character limited energy bar, which is reduced when using an electric field, use additional movements such as jumping in the air twice, running in the air, or if exposed to enemy attack. Gunvolt also equipped with a super attack called Offensive Skills, enable it to do a strong attack, or restore itself. Every boss in the game also has a Skills Offensive attack itself, which can be triggered when its health reduced to a certain level.