ViewSonic VX2270SMH-LED - 1080p Frameless IPS Monitor

A good monitor if of course needed by every gamers and general PC users. Obviously, compared to last six or seven years ago, the technology and features provided by gaming monitors at this time are getting more advanced.

Among many vendors who try to offer good quality monitor product, the ViewSonic is well-known and experienced monitor vendor who continues to innovate in their every product.

Well this time i'm gonna review the new ViewSonic 1080p IPS gaming monitor, VX2270SMH-LED.

ViewSonic VX2270SMH-LED has slim design with quite thin bezel and looks shiny when the bezel exposed to light.

Overall, its design looks luxurious and elegant for a monitor with 22 inch size. Moreover, these monitors are free from mercury, which means more environment friendly.

Its stand design looks solid with the size which is not too big, but enough to support the weight of the monitor.

The images quality of VX2270SMH-LED is quite good, because this monitor brings Full HD resolution with 30 million : 1 dynamic contrast ratio that is able to provide a more detailed view for users when playing games or watching a movie.

With "SuperClear IPS Technology" ViewSonic VX2270SMH-LED is able of delivering a wide and perfect that allows users to view content on the screen from any angle without color distortion on the screen.

When used to watch HD resolution movies, this monitor is able to generate high pixel density, thus  the picture looks quite sharp, which is more comfortable and can reduce eye fatigue symptoms when used in an extended time to watch.

VX2270SMH-LED provides energy saving mode called "Eco-Mode" which can save energy by reducing the brightness of the screen. But of course, it can reduce the images quality.

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