Nvidia GeForce GT 640 Review

There are so many reasons why many gamers choose Nvidia as their gaming graphics card. We're talking about Nvidia features like PhysX, Nvidia 3D Vision, Nvidia Surround, Nvidia FXAA, Nvidia TXAA, Adaptive Vsync, GPU Boost, and many more.

Well i this article i'm gonna give you a quick review of GT 640, affordable video card from Nvidia, keep reading...

There are two variants of GeForce GT 640, the DDR3 and DDR5 version. The GT 640 DDR3 (128 bits) comes with 1, 2, and 4 GB memory. While the other variant, GT 640 GDDR5 comes with 1 GB memory capacity.

* Standard specifications

For the core and memory clock, the GT 640 DDR3 is equipped with 900 MHz core clock with 1782 MHz memory clock, while GeForce GT 640 GDDR5 comes with more powerful core and memory clock (1046 MHz core clock with 5000 MHz memory clock)

* Not strong enough for 1080p

Regardless of its status as an entry-level video card, the GT 640 DDR3 is still good for 720p or 900p gaming, unfortunately, it will struggle to handle games on 1080p resolutions.

* 65 Watts max TDP

Beside GTX 750 ti, the GT 640 is a quite good Nvidia graphics card that draws less power, and it can even work in a computer with 400W power supply.

* Battlefield 4 (1080p) Benchmark test by tomshardware.com

GT 640 DDR3 manages to reach 29,7 average FPS on low settings, 2xAF, no AA. It fails to beat the Radeon HD 7750's performance that can reach 44,1 average FPS.

The GT 640 video card you might get interested

Note: Unfortunately, Evga, the best manufacturer of Nvidia graphics card, has stop making new GT 640 series. 

1. Galaxy GeForce GT 640 GC 1 GB DDR3

The good this about this Galaxy GT 640 is it has been overclocked, which means, it will run slightly better then standard GT 640 DDR3.

To be honest there are two biggest problem with this video card, first, with just 1G DDR3 memory, it can't handle new released "heavy" games like AC Unity or Watch Dogs on 1080p resolutions.

And the second, by considering its specification, the price of this card is ridiculously expensive.

CUDA Cores: 384
Core clock: 950 Mhz
Effective memory clock: 1782 MHz

2. PNY NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 1GB GDDR3

PNY GT 640's specification is same with the standard GT 640 DDR3. And just like the Galaxy GT 640 above, the PNY GT 640 doesn't have enough power to run "heavy" games on 1080p. Fortunately, the price of this card is more affordable and is recommended if you wanna build a cheap gaming computer.

Note: PNY GT 640 is a double slot graphics card.

CUDA Cores: 384
Core clock: 900 Mhz
Effective memory clock: 1782 MHz

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