The witcher 3 first impressions

After waiting for so long, the chance to taste this game finally arrived! The Witcher 3 is finally released to the market!

If there is one thing that can be inferred from our first impressions of the game? It is the Western RPG game that had your desire, an RPG game that allows you to act as a professional monster hunter with a wonderful world, a strong story, and the interesting characters.

All the hype that is built up through the trailer and screenshots that were released in the last year are paid off, because really, The Witcher 3 as cool as you can imagine. Visually, even though we tried it on the Playstation 4, it comes with enough detail to excite your eyes. But not only that, CD Projekt Red deserve praise for the integration of an awesome element into the games. The world seemed so dynamic through a series of weather effects, sound, even the music beautifully behind. Fall in love at first sight? Something that is perfectly understandable.

In terms of gameplay, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can be concluded much more enjoyable than The Witcher 2, at least from the animated motion now feels smoother. But that does not mean, of identity inherent in this franchise just disappeared. The battle can not be solved by merely attacking blindly, but also need strategy and implementation of the right magic. Super wide world consisting of several regions will be enough to keep you busy and "forget" about life for a while. Interestingly again? Most of the side-quests are built very solid, with support acts voice, the story, and the plot twist that makes it continuously appealing. If there is the highest standard for a game that makes fiction fantasy as a theme, then The Witcher 3 arguably, now appearing as king.

Reinforced the initial impression that this obvious candidate would be one of the best games in the 2015's with the fascination that would be difficult to be subdued for granted. One of the weaknesses that we feel at this time only control systems still sometimes confusing, especially when you are trying to access two objects adjacent to one another, not to mention some minor bugs.

well thanks for reading