M. Bison joins Street Fighter V

A legendary fighting game franchise that continues to look forward to, this sentence seems appropriate to define the position of Street Fighter in the gaming industry. Has existed since the early generation platform, it continued to grow along with the popularity of the video game itself. Interestingly again? Along with any new series that appears, iconic characters are coming to this series. Presents a variety of new movement set, background more interesting story, to deal with a range of new fighter that is no less deadly. On top of all the evil forces that exist in the franchise, it's hard to beat the charm of the dictator - M.Bison.

Capcom is currently developing Street Fighter V with Unreal Engine 4 as a main base. Still carries a 2.5-dimensional flavors with visual style that is not much different from the previous series, Street Fighter V would seem to present a range of  familiar classic fighter, instead of taking steps to "dramatically" in the style of Mortal Kombat X. After Ryu, Chun-Li , and Nash, now turns out M. Bison were confirmed to be back. Stay with purple energy and familiar movement set, he now looks more brutal. He is now also able to reverse the projectile attacks directed at him.

Street Fighter V will be released for the Playstation 4 and PC, and supports cross-platform feature that allows owners of these platforms to fight each other with each other online. Unfortunately, in spite of the rumors, Capcom still has not provided information about the official release date.