You can play the Early Access of Trine 3 games soon

Finnish Developer, Frozenbyte confirms if Trine 3 The Artifacts of Power will be released early specifically for its Early Access Steam on 21 April 2015 tomorrow at a price of US $ 19.99. The game itself was officially confirmed the beginning in March 2015, and became a direct sequel Trine 2. Trime 3 The Artifacts of Power has so far only been confirmed for the Windows PC platform only.

What makes it interesting is the graphics directly, which is made entirely with 3D graphics complete with physics effects that are now more visible, not just a side-scrolling course, characters can freely move up and down, even now they can be hung using a grappling hook .

The story itself is still continuing the story prequel, business Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the Thief to free themselves completely from artifact Trine led to the destruction of the artifact, which is magnified release an evil wizard. Now it's their job to stop it. And still the same as before, you can play this game in single or three players simultaneously perform online or local multiplayer co-op. Or you control one and can be switched to the other at any time. Each character has the ability, each of which are useful in helping them to solve puzzles along the stage.

According to the marketing Frozenbyte Kai Tuovinen, it runs Early Access program with the aim to give developers more time to develop Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power as a game with 3D visuals. It was also due to a trio of characters you here now different movements of the left-right than in previous games. Also according to Tuovinen, also that it get feedback from gamers who play during this Early Access period.

Just look at what the new visual Trine 3 through the first trailer video below, which is accompanied by music composer Ari Pulkkinen (which you also know through another series Angry Birds theme and also shooter Resogun). Why music? Yes, in addition to its addictive sidescrolling gameplay, telling the story through compelling narrative, the music of Trine is also memorable.