Star Wars: Battlefront is coming this year??

In just a few dozen hours into the future, our curiosity about the quality of one of the most anticipated FPS games this year - Star Wars: Battlefront seems to be fulfilled. Coincides with the Star Wars Convention ongoing, DICE feel there is no time better to throw this first gameplay trailer. But before they could carry out the official announcement, the information is spread first in internet. It is probable, DICE and EA will release this game in the month of November 2015.

This information is unloaded from the source code on the official website of Star Wars: Battlefront itself. Sites that central counting countdown to the release of this debut trailer turned out to contain some important information, although not yet officially thrown to the public.

The source code is write the date "17 November 2015" as the date of the release of Star Wars: Battlefront, besides certainty platform for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course - the PC. Interestingly again? The latest trailer of the movie Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens also spied the gameplay duration of 10 seconds is claimed DICE, derived from the in-game engine and not CGI.

So, is it true Star Wars: Battlefront will be released in November 2015? We will be able to know the certainty within the next twelve hours. But at least, this month in accordance with the target release of EA who really want to launch it right in the holiday period.