RTX 4000 Graphics Card series have brought new feature

Now for this graphics card article let's go back to exciting information about RTX 4000 series, and definitely Nvidia will always try best to power their flagship product with the best specs, and see also the position from this gpu product.

New variant has been added and is expected to fill in the new market and segment, thus more gamers have wider options for the best video card component to use.

Still, the prices is not always to be a good news for gamer, including these product.

Zed Wang, a leakier, back then tweeted on X about the specs and price prediction from the variant in RTX 4000 series.

As expected, those variants are not made for budget gamers, and more for enthusiast who do not really care about budget. Moreover, you need to spend around 1000 dollars to get a taste for this product.

The RTX 4070 Super has been announced in early 2024 with the price set at 599 dollars.

And all of variants for the line up have got quite huge boost on specs. After all the new generation from a video card must be better and stronger than the last generation.

For RTX 4080 and 4070, both Super edition, got improvement for the Cuda Cores, compared to variant from Vanilla series. And for 4070 Super Ti is improvement in base clock speed.

Now forget about DDR5 memory let alone DDR3, since this is the new era for GDDR6 which can be your key in optimizing the latest AAA games for your computer.

For the specs, like previously mentioned or often said within this blog, Tech power up got a lot of complete thing to use as your basic information for GPU.

The G-sync Pulsar is also featured for these line up, and you may not overlook it.

G-sync is not actually the latest technology from Nvidia, and this is also the common feature found in many modern monitor.

The Pulsar is the name given for this sophisticated features, and is the "next phase" from the VRR technology.

Moreover, all of features injected into the graphics card series will actually give improvement for the visual, especially to reduce the ghosting effect.

Now with the money you invested, already find what to actually get by implementing this plan for the current gaming.

Surely for people who just find discover themselves as a more casual gaming, getting a cheap Graphics Card should be enough. After all this life is not only about gaming, unless you are an enthusiast.