More list of Graphics Card to celebrate this new year

See that if you want to really spend so much more only for a graphics card then RTX 4090 should be seen as the main option. But of course, the price of the product is the main thing that scare away many gamers.

The attractive thing about it is surely best specification, regardless of memory size.

A Graphics Card is meant that you can play games with the best visual, and hope for the more realistic experience. Surely not all of the component can allow for the purpose shown before.

Let alone the price problem, since you are gonna spend more, and 100 or 200 dollars does not seem enough for the condition today.

A product like RX 7900 XTX also looks reliable and good enough to have, and with 24Gb GDDR6, it looks ridiculously too powerful for 1080p, so yes you can basically guess the market for this product.

With that ideal specification, lagging is just gonna be your old problem, and of course with high frame rate, this is the experience that you need for gaming today, particularly for 4K as the new gaming standard.

Of course if you want to spend above or around 1000 dollars, then the choice above looks so attractive. But definitely, once again, if you still use 1080p or lower resolution, you are gonna waste the full power of this GPU.

Now for a budget gamer, then he can actually make Intel Arc A770 as a product to consider, as this GPU should have interesting point that to attract them.

A pretty powerful specs that the product has, and even for heavy games, still on right resolution, it can run them best enough. The Vram is still the thing to see here and expect that you can hope the better from this product alone.

16Gb looks big enough for a video card memory, but always remember if the specs from this component always falls behind since gaming is always evolving.

Yes the price around 450 dollars won't be too troublesome for many gamers, and they can get the optimized performance for that range of price.

Next is RX 6600 XT and with its popularity many gamers can't get away with its charm.

The latest RDNA 2 architecture play for its bigger improvement for gaming, and the card is also equipped with big Vram.

With the best specification, imagine better experience you can actually feel for gaming.

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