Graphics Card production from GTX 1600 series is stopped?

Finally after serving the gamers for many years, the GTX 1600 series is about to find their end, since Nvidia are gonna stop this series from production.

There is still no clear reason the reason behind, but it's still interesting to talk about this topic inside this article.

To be honest, some series from GTX 1600 like GTX 1660 Ti and Super is still good enough to run a lot of modern or heavy games, surely with some adjustment in graphic settings.

That said, Nvidia want you to move on from this series, cause absolutely they have another monster to replace it.

According to Wccftech, all of series from GTX 1600 including GTX 1650, 1630, and of course 1660 will be stopped.

Apparently the new card from RTX series would come to replace them and fill inside this class.

Still from that site, Nvidia already contacted many vendors for stopping the production from that series.

The RTX 3050 with 6 Gb version is said as the substitute, and the price of this product won't cost that much or around 250 dollars.

The main reason why GTX 1600 series production is stopped simply since no Ray Tracing features integrated as the technology inside the card. Surely most games released above 2020 have implemented such feature for gaming.

And GTX 1600, beside lacking of Ray Tracing, it's become more relevant for today gaming given the outdated technology they have.

Surely we got a lot of option in this series starting with the weakest card, the GTX 1630 which should be the one you can get, just in case if you want something more that can offer by GT 1030.

Plus they share the same thing, the efficient power consumption which is attractive for certain type of gamers, of course they don't have more budget to invest and get better product.

Moreover, GTX 1650 was also one of the most popular graphics card some years ago, even today you can still use it for 1080p gaming, of course not for latest games especially the ported one due to the lack of power for today standard.

This GTX 1650 also offer the Super version which consumes high power, but surely it is faster than the ordinary version.

And of course the strongest series, GTX 1660 Super and Ti which is more ideal for 1080p resolution, despite of latest technology it does not have.

So what do you think??, well this best graphics cards under 100 dollars may show another insight about the Nvidia product in general.