20 minutes gameplay from FF XV: Pocket Edition

Trying to bring Final Fantasy XV on all available platforms seems to be a strategy that Square Enix will take with this super popular RPG action game. Not only PCs will get a chance to taste it in better quality through resolution until better texture, mobile gamers will get a similar opportunity. The existence of the mobile version they call as "Pocket Edition" is already emerging, complete with visual quality like what they want to pursue. Now the details of his gameplay was also surfaced via a recent video.

As previously discussed Square Enix, FF XV: Pocket Edition will carry the essence of gameplay and stories similar to the console / PC version. What's different is the visual and control approach that is now tailored to mobile devices, which of course, is more based on touch screens. Through a new 20 minute video gameplay released via IGN, you can see what Square Enix is ​​trying to pursue with it. The RPG action flavor approach is now emerging from an isometric point of view.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition itself is planned to slide in episodic format up to 10 episodes. Each of these episodes will be offered in a paid format, with the first episode you can taste for free. Square Enix itself plans to release it this fall. Unfortunately, still without certainty about the specification of a minimal smart device to taste it.

How about you? Interested in FF XV: Pocket Edition?