No man's sky biggest update, the Foundation

Too slow? Or remain a move that will restore confidence for their games? Whatever the outcome may be, Hello Games comes with a clear message - their commitment to continue to develop the No Man's Sky. After getting criticized for the final results that does not contain a lot of things they promised earlier, Hello Games's decision to shut up and not give any comment of course unfortunate. But suddenly, they "returned" with a major update called "Foundation Update". Bring one feature that was discussed earlier, No Man's Sky finally show what they bring.

Hello Games itself mentions that the update 1.1 "Foundation Update" is not going to be the biggest update No Man's Sky, which will still continue to be refined in the future. But what he showed on it seemed ready to withdraw the No Man's Sky gamers who have been disappointed in advance. With this update, you have the opportunity to build the headquarters, had a large spacecraft on your own, "harvest" of resources in a more efficient manner, examine minerals whatever you can get from outer space, to the quick menu easier.

Update Foundation itself has been available for gamers on the PlayStation 4 and PC. How about you? Does the presence of variety of new features enough to attract you back?