Prepare your gaming PC for Watch Dogs 2

After so much information that has been leaked in advance to the market before the official announcement itself, Ubisoft finally unmasked the mystery for their latest open-world game - Watch Dogs 2. This announcement was followed by the debut cinematic trailer that was leaked yesterday to give some idea as to what experience can you anticipate. The good news? Apart from the desire to open up more information about the gameplay at E3 2016, Ubisoft still demonstrate the quick gameplay video in the same announcement. So, what is interesting about Watch Dogs 2?

Confirming previous rumors, the main character of the series first of Watch Dogs - Aiden Pearce did not return. However, his action still trigger the main story of Watch Dogs 2. 

You will act as a new protagonist named Marcus Holloway, a young hacker who had been accused of a criminal act for CTOs 2.0. Marcus joined the branch DedSec in San Francisco, the same city that became the new setting Watch Dogs 2. Of course, it will offer different variety in gameplay.

Not only has a variety of new equipment such as drones that now you have control to achieve a particular function, Marcus also has the flexibility to move faster and perform a series of parkour action if necessary. Ubisoft claims that they remodel a lot of things based on the feedback of gamers in the first series and now makes Watch Dogs 2 can be played with several styles, from stealth, non-lethal with hacking and weapons are harmless, to kill each targets as well as third person shooter game in general. You also now have the opportunity to hack every NPC and the vehicles you find.

Ubisoft also confirms the cooperative multiplayer mode in the games, despite the competitive mode has not been discussed at all. Up to a maximum of 4 players, you and your friends can get together complete the campaign mode or just explore the city of San Francisco.