Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps got new release date

In the midst of their efforts to return to the roots of the past of Resident Evil games, mainly through a variety of projects Remaster and remake in hand, Capcom did not stop pushing action approach which often got so many complaints by gamers in the last couple of series. One of the latest projects even bring it to a further level, a competitive multiplayer game that will bring you a role as one of the groups trying to kill the other camp in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Capcom also claim that you can take advantage of AI controlled zombie siege for specific strategic interests. Absolutely, we're talking about Umbrella Corps.

Some of you may not be interested to see what it was trying to offer in a series of early demos, but we believe, not a few of you who can not wait to taste what Capcom offer in it. Through a recent video, Umbrella Corps release more detailed information about the customization features available. Winning the battle will give you extra points that can be used to buy variants helmets, masks, clothing, to Zombie Jammer for the characters you use. Not only that, the customization features also apply in a weapon that can be dismantled and reassembled with accessories that will affect the performance. Together with this trailer, Umbrella Corps also comes with a new release date.

Capcom turns decided to postpone the release of Umbrella Corps which will be offered as a pay to play game in general. Deviated from the initial planned release for the month of May 2016, Capcom decided to kick this game to June 21, 2016. Umbrella Corps will be released for PlayStation 4 and PC.