ReCore games is confirmed for PC

Keiji Inafune is arguably a figure of the gaming industry with high activity at this time. Having regained momentum popularity through campaign funding of Mighty No. 9 with an aura of nostalgia Megaman, he keeps busy with other projects. Mighty No. 9 is not yet completed and will slide this year, but Inafune has been involved with two other giant projects. The first is Red Ash that now comes with the taste of Megaman Legends and Recore introduced as a "exclusive" Xbox One games at E3 2015 ago. Well for the last name, it will also end as a good news for PC gamers.

After a mystery, Microsoft officially announced that the game is also coming to PC. Recore's detail gameplay itself is still a mystery considering this game did not have any extra information in addition to a teaser trailer at E3 2015 showing a blue ball action that could take another Droid body. The bad news? Microsoft just wrote that Recore will be released for the "Windows 10", without Steam. It could be, that Recore will be released exclusively via Windows 10 Store and distributed in digital portal giant to another. No more details about this.

Recore itself will be launched in 2016 without a clear release date.