Assassin’s Creed new games is not released in 2016??

No Assassin's Creed (AC) games for 2016??. Instead, the AC Empire in Egypt set to be released 2017. Is it true?

Over the last six years (including 2015 ), every year Ubisoft never missed the release of the new Assassin's Creed (AC) games. The last, we were given with AC Syndicate with settings in the history of Victoria, London. Well, this time there's a rumor interesting about the existence of the AC series in 2016's. Rumors, Ubisoft will not release a single AC games series and prefer to prepare it for 2017.

Reporting from Kotaku, some internal source of Ubisoft has confirmed it. Ubisoft will not release an new AC games this year, and chose to postpone its release in 2017. In 2017, Ubisoft has prepared a new AC game with AC code Empire, which will take place in ancient Egypt. Internal sources also mention, initially Empire prepared for release in 2016. However, because of the bad performance of AC unity in 2014 ago, Ubisoft finally delay the release of AC Empire until 2017. Moreover, this delay also meant Ubisoft to deliver a lot more improvisation to the team of developers, and also refreshes the market which is already "saturated" with the release of AC titles annually.

This news is not only heard by Kotaku only. Some online posts as at NeoGAF also confirms Ubisoft's plan. In fact, there are rumors that more interesting, where AC Empire not only take place in Egypt alone, but will be a trilogy which will also take place in ancient Rome and Greece. The third trilogy will lift the main character of the same. Apparently, Ubisoft wants to do things never done before with a trilogy of Ezio in AC II, AC Brotherhood and Revelations ago.

AC Empire itself will be developed by the team behind the development of AC IV: Black Flag, where three years ago the director of Black Flag, Ashraf Ismail himself revealed that he wants to explore Egypt in the next game. Mentioned, Empire will carry gameplay similar to The Witcher, where progression players and free battle system will be the two main focal point. Map of the game will be three times larger than the Black Flag, but the world is dominated by the open world in the villages, thus minimizing the parkour action as typical of AC that we know. To roam from one place to another, you can use a boat or a horse, although reportedly naval battle will not be provided in the title this time. You will also have a hawk that you can command to do many things.

Although only a rumor, but you could say this news is quite credible considering the source and also references the history of Egypt that has appeared in the series, either AC Unity and Dead Kings DLC.