Asus MX279H Review - Beautiful Frameless Full HD Monitor

Asus MX279H can be a good idea for you if you are looking for the quality monitor for your PC. Of course, there are actually so many choices of the monitor products which might be completely great for you to select.

However, this product of monitor is one of the recommended choices for any of you since there are many people who have used this product and gives the positive reviews regarding to this monitor. That is including if you want a little bit bigger size monitor, as like this 27” monitor.

Still, it will be such a good idea for you to consider the product specs, features, and also reviews. So, you will be able to find the right product of monitor which is suitable for you to choose based on your need and even your budget. 

Lifelike Visual with IPS panel Full HD resolutions

This monitor from Asus offers the great visual which result the great quality display technology of IPS Full HD. The IPS technology which is applied is the latest one for the great result. That results the vivid visual clarity. It also offers the viewing angle of 178ยบ. This also offers the wide and proper size of monitor if you are really interested in using the 27” monitor. In addition, it offers the aspect ratio of 16:9. The technology which is applied for getting the great image offers the proper accuracy of the color which is totally well improved. Then, it also offers the better energy efficiency for saving much power.

Frameless Design

This Asus Monitor offers the great design of the monitor which is frameless. It results the space efficiency since it also has the slim body design and gives comfort when we use it. In addition, when we are hanging it on the wall, it will look attractive as well. That is also because of its design which is minimalist and modern which can be really great for any style of the home and give the stylish look there. There is also the feature of the extensive option of the connectivity. That is because it offers the dual ports of HDMI.

Specs and Features

There are some specs and also features which we need to know regarding to this monitor. The first is about the display feature which has been mentioned above as well. It offers the AH IPS Full-HD. This monitor also offers the sound technology of Sonic-Master. This also offers the two speakers in three watts. That offers the quality sound for getting the comfort on enjoying the entertainment and even the sound there.

Review of Customers

As we have mentioned before, there are so many people who already used this product. Most of them give the perfect score for this product which is more than 60%. Many of them say that it offers the great design of the monitor which is slim and also frameless. Then, they also often satisfied with its visual quality and also sound from the speakers. However, some of them also say that the monitor that they obtain is providing the black display which is a little bit disappointing. Overall, the Asus MX279H offers the great design and also display. Besides this 27” size, you can also find another size regarding to this series.