Fallout 4 runs more optimal on PC

Some gamers who got Fallout 4 game early in the market and test it in the Playstation 4 and Xbox One report bad optimization in framerate. Unstable, severe reduction when entering into a scoping mode, the loading time of game , to a variety glitch occurred even after the patch has been applied. It is of course quite worrying for PC gamers who had trouble in the "port" of other AAA game that Fallout 4 will only lead more severe in their platform. 

Digital Foundry from Eurogamer finally throwing their reports related to Fallout 4 version of the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. They agrees that complaints about the framerate is happening in the console version, despite the first patch. Both are in a resolution of 1080p, both versions of the PS4 and Xbox One looks difficult to maintain stability at 30fps. When in certain circumstances, framerate both versions can even be dropped in number 20fps, making it uncomfortable. The case is more severe in the Xbox One. Whenever changes to large areas, stuttering occurs, making fell to 18fps framerate, even 0 at some point.

Good news for PC gamers? In contrast to the trends that occurred in Batman: Arkham Knight and COD: Black Ops 3, Fallout 4 is reportedly optimal in this platform. Digital Foundry seeks to replicate the visual quality version of the PS4 and Xbox One PC with specs quite low (i3 4130, 750 Ti, and 8 GB DDR3) and get good results. Not only do they have room for configuring visual quality with finer details, such as the PC can also play this game with a higher framerate (around 40 FPS) with a very stable regardless of whatever conditions they find in it. Digital Foundry also mentioned that the optimization of VRAM is also running very well, where you just do not need more than 2GB of VRAM for textures ultra at 1080p.

So, if you are a PC gamer who was worried about the poor performance of the console version, you need to get exited. Unlike the previous release of some AAA games, Fallout 4 is indeed proven to be much better played on a PC.

Bethesda still has not commented whether they will release a new patch to fix the framerate in the console version or not.