One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 PC games the review

Adventures of Luffy and his colleagues to become the Pirate King in the One Piece comic story may be familiar to your ears, especially if you like to follow Japanese comics or manga. When compared with similar stories like Naruto, One Piece compete with it not just just with popularity, but also with a long story. At least you can find dozens of comic series which tells the adventures of Luffy. This game tries to summarize it all in one action-style game called Dynasty Warriors, that you alone against thousands of enemies!

The concept of the game itself is actually quite reasonable, especially when viewed from the story itself. Therefore, One Piece is a story that often put the main character in a great battle against many enemies. It is also what makes this game interesting to play. If you liked the story of One Piece yourself, then play this game will give the right impression to your favorite characters in the story, namely a set of powerful people who are able to finish off the enemy forces!

However, playing the game with actual gameplay is outdated is of course not for everyone. Obviously, gameplay to eliminate thousands , a typical games by Tecmo Koei, is actually always the same gamesplay from time to time, as has been shown in all the series Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. Fortunately, this game gives a little spice, which could give a sense of its own in it. Thus, defeating enemies become too boring after you've done for dozens of hours.

A story that you can find the One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 starting from zero. That is, if you never follow the story in the comic One Piece anime series or movies at all, you can still follow it with ease. Unlike the previous series that tells the story of Luffy when facing a group of foreign influence with the ability to change a friend into an opponent, in this new series instead he returned to his roots. So, this game is intended not only for fans of the story, but also gamers as a whole; especially for gamers who really likes to play Dynasty Warriors-style game theme.

Nevertheless, the story is not as detailed as you can find in the comic. It's only natural, considering the story is very long and packaged in a single game is of course impossible. Therefore, the narrative in this game was made shorter and more emphasis on the massive battle that has become the hallmark of the genre.the good thing is, it is able to provide additional narrative that is not in the comics, but it makes sense if it does happen to see the condition shown in game.

The advantages of the narrative of the story is not just limited to here alone. Method of delivery is also quite interesting and neat to be followed. In addition to the usual cutscene you find in the game, the story is also published in a column like a comic. The difference, the images in each column moves and made in 3D graphics.