The Coma, new horror games from korea

Horror genre indeed is central to the rise in the gaming industry today. Successful implementation of innovative mechanical variety, from minimal action element, the characters are even not able to fight at all, to the concept of the "attack" of players mental effectively.

Horror game from Japan and the West also offers a different attraction to one another. But it feels a little less perfect considering other Asian countries are famous through the super creepy horror movies - Korea apparently does not take part in this hype. But this will change with the presence of the new games from korea - The Coma!

Developed by the original developer Seoul studio - Devespresso Games, The Coma will ask you act as an upper-level student who fell asleep after passing through a severe test. But when he woke up, he would find himself trapped inside the school building in the middle of the night, with so quiet conditions. Friends and teachers who he knew also began to change. The core game will revolve around the main character's efforts out of school and to save themselves. You certainly can not fight back, in addition to hiding and avoiding any existing threats.

The Coma had just passed from Steam Greenlight program and will be released in October 2015.