Tales of Zestiria might come to PC this year

PC gamers around the world is to be happy with the trend that was happening in the gaming industry over the past year. Steam popularity with the number of users continues to grow significantly finally make the PC as a potential market that can't be ignored, particularly from Japanese developers and publishers. In spite of some disappointing quality ports, the presence of more Japanese game usually offer a unique playing experience and a different course deserve welcomed. The good news? This trend will not be stopped in the near future. Publisher Namco Bandai class even seems, is ready to bring its popular JRPG franchise - Tales to PC!

This rumor was already circulating for a long time and Bandai Namco never give any open confirmation. Tales of Zestiria was rumored to be heading Playstation 4 and PC, outside release on Playstation 3. Now, the information is coming closer to reality. Namco Bandai official website of the Singapore branch "accidentally" released Tales of Zesteria listing which is clearly write the Playstation 4 and the PC as a platform release. Interestingly again? Both versions will apparently be released in the month this year - precisely the upcoming October 2015, with pauses only 4 days only.

This is not the first time the PC version of Tales of Zesteria surfaced. Previously, the game series Tales from Namco Bandai is also briefly appeared in the database of Steam.