Doom E3 2015 trailer

As they had previously promised anyway, Bethesda also focuses on introducing the latest series Doom to the world. Such a step "the revival of" old franchise that they apply for Wolfenstein with sweet ending, Doom offers the sensation of classic gameplay in a visual format that is of course, much better.

Bethesda itself referred to it as a more straightforward action games. There is no cover system, you just have to take up arms and kill every enemy you encounter as effectively as possible, of course, through a variety of variants of existing weapons, from shotguns to chainsaw. The main character is now enhanced with the ability to double jump and of course, the cinematic animation finisher when faced with certain conditions.

Not only single player, Id Software also provides a little peek about the multiplayer mode, which in addition to being a human, you can also act as a variant of the devil with a variety of different weapons. the best thing is, SnapMaps features offered, allowing Doom communities to create maps and scenarios for the single player mode, co-op, and multiplayer.

Doom itself will be launched in the spring of 2016, for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course PC. Id Software's own ambition to ensure Doom can run at 1080p 60fps.