Deus Ex: Mankind Divided shows 25 minutes gameplay

Deus Ex: Human Revolution managed to execute a lot of things very well, making it one of the games open-world action RPG that is not to be missed in the previous generation platform. Therefore, it is not surprising that many gamers are looking forward to a breakthrough by Eidos Montreal in their latest series Deus Ex: Divided Mankind which has already been announced for a long time. After the initial cinematic trailer that build the foundation story that is quite interesting, Deus Ex: Divided Mankind eventually gives more details at E3 2015 yesterday.  a gameplay demo lasted 25 minutes also released!

One of the most striking is the change in the existing visual quality. Claims that their latest generation engines - Dawn Engine - capable of displaying detailed quality and better lighting that is proven in this demo. For a game that is still in the alpha period, 25-minute demo of Deus Ex: Divided Mankind has left its own sense of optimism that it would easily steal the hearts of gamers. You can see a variety of the latest Augmented capability by Adam Jensen, with animated gun battle that seems to be more enjoyable. But beware, because this demo itself contains little spoiler about the story.

Deus Ex: Divided Mankind itself is planned to be released in early 2016, for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course PC.