Arizona Sunshine - SteamVR games with zombies theme

Virtual Reality technology is believed to change the video game industry in the future. Yes, armed with a VR headset, gamers can feel the gaming experience atmosphere with more real, as if you really are in a world in the game that you play.

One VR headset that is anticipated is Vive HTC, HTC in collaboration with Valve. Technology-based games SteamVR had already started to be developed. An example is the Arizona Shunshine, a zombie apocalypse-themed game from Vertigo Games.

Even more interesting, Arizona Sunshine will be powered HTC Vive motion controller that allows gamers to control, shoot, and recharge the weapon. Unfortunately, the teaser that was released not too describe what VR shades in this game.

For your information, Vertigo Games is a developer that makes World of Diving, multiplayer game with themes that support the Oculus Rift diving. In addition, the developer is also developing a title that also aimed to HTC Vive, the turn-based strategy game called Skyworld. So What do you think?