The price of your fave graphics card might be cheaper in near future??

The last few months, to assemble a gaming PC seems to have to think twice, especially in component purchases. Especially for the most crucial component, the graphics card qualified to play the present-day games that are very difficult to find stock. Even if there is, the price must be beyond expiration limits. Planning to assemble a gaming PC in the near future? If so, there is a little good news for you.

Recently, DigiTimes has reported that currently many graphics card manufactures such as Gigabyte, MSI and TUL (PowerColor) are disclosing that sales have plummeted to touch 40% in April 2018. Surely this is not without reason. Miners who usually use graphics cards to mine Ethereum are waiting for a tool called ASIC made by Bitmain.

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The tool is said to be more optimal than using a graphics card that is actually destined for gaming. Can not be denied again that Ethereum is one of the favorite cryptocurency of miners.

Lately phenomana "mining" is rife happening. Unfortunately, it also has a negative impact on gamers. How not, most of them miners, still hobby mine using graphics card that is actually intended for gamers. Hopefully this positive trend (for gamers) will continue and the price will actually drop according to the starting price and the gamers are finally thinking back to assemble a gaming PC.