Are you ready to welcome the PC version of GTA V??

In the next few days, and the dream of most gamers worldwide PC will be fulfilled. How come? After two rounds of the recently announced delay after the release date approached, Rockstar seems ready to throw ambitious open world game - GTA V to the most flexible platform in this market. A series of screenshots and a trailer has been sliding since a few months ago, promising visual quality, resolution, and better framerate. This dream is coming closer to reality after several media from gaming giant has seen firsthand the desire of this games. Rockstar does not seem to be messing around with the PC version of GTA V's.

In an interview with gaming sites - Gamespot, John Macpherson - Lead Gameplay Designer Rockstar Toronto explicitly mentions that GTA V GTA V PC is the best experience you can offer developers this one. He said that the process of developing its own version of this PC is not only guarded by the studio Rockstar, but cross studios, including those who had had time to deal with Max Payne 3, LA Noire, and GTA IV PC. He asserted that Rockstar's own ambitions to make sure every detail and elements offered by this PC version, is the best - make it as a version of "Ultimate" of all existing GTA V.

But that does not mean they do not consider other elements. He also mentions that Rockstar itself remains focused on ensuring the game can be run by gamers with a wide range of hardware. They want a weak PC gamers with hardware or a super strong though, could enjoy this game very well, with no problems. Therefore, they inject more than 25 visual parameters that can be tampered with gamers to ensure a balanced visual and performance. These settings may be run automatically when the game is running, but you always have the freedom to manually set the graphics settings.

So what about the modding itself, which has become the root of the aorta in the PC version of GTA previous series? Macpherson seems to have no objection if the modding this only happens in singleplayer mode only. But if someone's trying to disrupt Online GTA multiplayer experience with the mod and affect other gamers online experience, Rockstar will not hesitate to act.

GTA V's own PC version will be released on April 14, 2015. Ready?